Enough of the Mug Shots already!


I’m a self confessed coffee addict. I love the stuff. I quite often get to 9pm at night and think, oh bugger all I’ve drunk today is coffee. Imagine my delight when the latest diet fad I succumbed to fully advocated the stuff as helpful to losing weight.

However, however much I love the black heady stuff, I don’t want to see pictures of it across all my social media every morning. You know the pics. Frothy cappuccino accompanied by perfectly manicured hand wrapped cosily around the steaming mug, accompanied with a perky ‘welcome to the day’ phrase.


Well I might be alone here, but Im sick of seeing them. My 7am brew does not dawdle long enough to be photographed, its sunk in three mouthfuls, then I roll out of bed and the morning regime routine begins.

It goes something like this: shout the kids up, prep their breakfast, return upstairs and give my face a lick of micellar water, shout the kids again, apply various lotions, brush teeth, shout the kids again, when said kids emerge at o.oo1mph try to impress on them that school start time is 9am, has always been 9am and will always be 9am, chivy the kids along with their Weetabix; apply make up (on a good day), make the beds, call the kids up, hunt for grey tights because red are out of the question (obvs), pick up and fold pjs…I could go on, you get the picture, you too probably do it every morning. The point im getting at is, I certainly don’t have time to photograph the first cuppa of the day.

This morning, the first four feeds on my Instagram were people holding coffee cups. They were all distinctly average, none of them made me run to Costa and demand a skinny decaf cap tout suite. So then, I got thinking, why do people do this?

Are they sponsored by the coffee industry? Probably, almost certainly, not. Is it because the perfectly frothed cappuccino complete with unchipped mani conveys to us, the onlooker, how together these organised, chilled out peeps have got their shit and conversely how together I have not got mine? I just don’t get it. Feel free to shed some light if you can.

I have a confession to make though. I have been guilty of this (ahem, profile picture!). I cant even say why. In an unconscious attempt to emulate all the super successful ‘lifestyle and parenting’ blogs I seem to have hit on lately maybe? I guess it’s only natural to look at these lifestyle blogs and think ‘wow, I wish my morning looked like that’. After all that is the point of them.

I wonder how a blog might fare that portrayed the more unglamorous side of life. I imagine it would look like this: the morning selfie, (that only took 25 attempts) is ruined by errant pair of greying mummy pants in the background; the kids ate those oh-so wholesome over night oats whilst mum nipped to the loo before she could take a photo; the brand new bathroom that you’ve been meaning to show off for the last few weeks is covered in toothpaste smears and the bath is full of kids toys, so that wont be happening today and finally, that coffee. That steaming cup of coffee that you were served in bed over an hour ago, is now stone cold, sat in its own coffee ring stain with a few dried drips down the side of the white porcelain from the odd swig you did manage to grab amidst the chaos!




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