Natura Siberica


I’m yet to find a product or brand that has any lasting effect on my fizzy unruly hair and combination/prone to outbreaks skin. It doesn’t stop me searching though and that’s how I stumbled across Natura Siberica an Organic, free-from haircare and skincare brand from Russia.

The prices were super reasonable so, after reading a few reviews, I gave it a go. If like me, you’re always looking for a deal, you might think you’ll be able to pick it up cheaper elsewhere, but save yourself the time, you can’t. I found that both Harrods and Amazon stock a limited range but both were more expensive than buying directly.

The only downside of buying direct was having to wait four days for delivery. Four days in this day and age, I ask you? I’m the typical last minute shopper and want to order at 11.59pm and have it delivered before I leave for the school run.

However, Patience is a virtue, so I’m told, so I patiently waited out the four days and actually it did feel kind of like my birthday when the big box arrived Saturday morning. Mr C wasn’t very happy. I asked him to take the kids swimming so I could clean the house. Instead, he came home to find me wrapped in a towel looking like this…



The shampoo, oh the shampoo. It has the most delectable bubblegum smell, and lathers up on the first go with silky bubbles. If like me, you are a scruffy mare and only wash your hair once a week, you will be used to shampooing maybe three times before the suds can cut through the grease. But not with this shampoo. It was a revelation!

Northern Cloudberry Shampoo – intensive repair and nutrition for deeply damaged and coloured hair  £6.69


The conditioner, again smelt divine, and was very effective, leaving my hair feeling silky smooth but light and clean. I typically have to use a fairly heavy duty conditioner – did I mention my hair is a big curly frizz bomb – and often it feels weighed down with it.

Drying was also a dream. It was smooth and took noticelably less time than usual. I can tell from the first use that my hair loves these products. Long may the love affair continue.

Northern Cloudberry Conditioner – intensive repair and nutrition for deeply damaged and coloured hair £6.69


(Uck, wrinkly hands!)

The shower gel. It was nice. I felt clean and refreshed and it smells lovely. But it is shower gel and there’s only so excited I can get about it. I will buy it again though, becaue did I mention, these organic, paraben-free, SLS-free products are also super reasonable. Ok, so it’s not a £1 shower gel from Quality Save but you can tell the difference, without a doubt.

Vitamins for skin shower gel £3.90



This soap was a bit of a splurge for me. But I was drawn by the packaging and just had to have it. What I wasn’t expecting, is that it’s black! Proper black. It comes with a sponge akin to an oversized make up sponge and you simply wet the sponge, apply to a dry fair and rinse with clean water. Something about the blackness made it feel like I was giving my skin a real treat. And the big bonus is it smells like cherry bakewells, I almost want to eat it, but as for results, I’ve only used it once so time will tell I guess.

Northern Soap Detox for deep facial cleansing £10.80



I think I might have just found my go-to skincare/haircare brand, the packaging is not over the top exclusive but it looks nice in my bathroom and at those prices, I wont have to skit out on one of the kids washing her Barbie’s hair with it. (Though, they have been warned!)





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