Secret shopper-holic!

Hub says this morning, ‘I think you better do a food shop today’.

Oh do you now? Well, I bloody well knew that without being told but thanks for the gentle nudge.

I cannot abide being told what to do. It makes me bristly and this can manifest itself in all sorts of ways. Today, I went spending.

If you can picture this, hub is lay up on the sofa with ‘cracked’, ahem bruised, ribs, the girls are refusing to do their teeth, put knickers on and generally play ball. When we eventually got to Asda, we were there less than thirty seconds before No.1 & 3 start fighting. I threw them all back in the car, drove home, left the engine running and dumped them without a word on the doorstep, rang the bell and pegged it back to the car and scarpered, knock-a-door-run style.

I went back to Asda with May, No. 2, three-quarters angel, one quarter devil-in-training. Treated us to a Starbucks. One, to calm my nerves and two, to show May that I’m out of scary bitch mode and then commenced the food shop.

We started upstairs. Bad move. My frame of mind was such, that anything that took my eye landed in the trolley. ‘Ah mum, Daddy’s gonna go mad.’ Never fear my sweet angel, Daddy will never know. (I posted, what, like, over a week ago about my missing wedding ring and he’s still yet to notice!)

We spent too long upstairs admittedly and by the time we hit the groceries, I’d lost interest and wanted to leave. Consequently, threw anything and everything into the trolley and let a few too many of those ‘can I haves’ pass my scrutiny than ordinarily.

I’ve been feeling secretly smug all day about my secret shopping – I even paid separately so it wouldn’t show up on the food receipt – sneaky huh! I haven’t had time/space though to get it all out and model it (for myself), I’m saving that for the first day of term tomorrow.

Tiny bit excited, but what’s the betting half of it goes back. That’s my usual trick. But for now, I’m going to bathe in my secret shopping triumph and dream about all my sub £20 purchases looking like a million dollars.

Secret Shopping Haul

Grey T-shirt £4 – starting off small

Sandals £16 – funky black/gold/white numbers – I have a total of zero ideas of what to wear them with.

Off the shoulder gypsy type of top £12 – really selling it to ya!  Returned. Ha! Me all over.

Tassel-y mono jacket £16 – now this, I heart.

JML straightening brush £39 – oh, Lord, if this does what is says on the tin, it’s a life-changer.

Cucumber Gin £12 – I’m sick of buying beer. Bought Gin instead. Oh dear, no beer to watch the football tonight? Boo hoo.


Ok, I concede there are some serious posing issues going on here. I’m working on it. #babysteps


Haha, strike a pose!


Check out that price tag people!


I know I shouldn’t have. I know its HIGHLY unlikely to live up to my expectations, but I couldn’t resist.


And lastly but most importantly, mummy’s little helper. (Me & gin in bed)








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