Our Kid, Oswald Road, Chorlton

(Side note/Top note, whatever: If you are a true Manc, this should be pronounced ‘R Kid, in the voice of Noel Gallagher ideally. )

It’s no secret, I love a bit of Chorlton. I would go as far as to say, I’m openly jealous of all the lucky folks who get to live there. I keep being told little old Urmston is heading the same way as Chorlton. One can only hope.


Now this place, with its cool name, chalk grey exterior and locally roasted coffee should by rights reside on Beech Road. However, perhaps that was just a little too clichéd for them, or maybe the extortionate rents persuaded them otherwise. Either way, sitting right opposite a primary school and a two minute walk from the library, I think they’re going to do just fine.

Lots of people on the South Manchester mummy scene are talking about this place at the moment, for all the right reasons. A one-stop shop, where you can feed and clothe the kids, grab a book for your sanity and buy a last-minute present and card for that toddler party happening that afternoon. In addition to ALL this you get great banter!


I had to borrow a child for the outing now all mine have abandoned me, so my 13 month old niece came to the rescue. She always feels sorry for sad old Aunty Lianne. When we arrived and I saw all the niceties on the shelves, I thought oh man, she’s going to be in to all that before we’ve even sat down. But the lovely Laura, one third owner, came to the rescue, with a mahoosive box of toys. And there were a couple of these available, so no shortage of stock saving toys for your little ones to play with.


A lot of the seating is outside, with kid-friendly astro laid down for your little ones to kick about on. As a constantly cold person, I opted to sit inside. The tables were industrial chic, made at the workshop, Reclaimed Bespoke, a couple of doors down. The guy who owned it came in for coffees whilst I was there and in all honesty was a bit fit, so that passed an easy five minutes.


Once, I had ordered (homemade granola with yoghurt and berries, an almond croissant, phily on toast, an Americano and a babycino £10), I perused the merch and chatted with Laura. (Incidentally, if you’re reading sister, I did pay Sylv attention as well!) You can see from the pictures everything that you can get your hands on. From frilly tutus to night lights, teething necklaces and some honest words on parenting courtesy of The Unmumsy Mum book, there is a vast array of covetable stuff in this bijou coffee shop.



The food was good, the granola was so good, as was the coffee which is roasted and ground right there in Chorlton. But the really refreshing thing. That I could grab a Sylvie sized breakfast for £1! So many places fail to properly cater for children’s/babies miniscule appetites and consequently ‘please just eat a bit more’, ‘look at all that waste’ conversations ensue. Not good for the stress levels. I could see most of the kitchen from where I was sat and felt really reassured that the food was good quality, fresh and prepared in a spotless environment.


You can tell the ladies who run this place, want your children to be treated in the same way they would like their children to be treated and have put thought and time into the little things that matter, like nappy sacks, blankets for cold legs, plastic cups and plates and much more. This results in a budget friendly, kid friendly, mum/dad friendly, stress free experience and I will definitely be back soon.







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